Filing taxes is always cumbersome and tiring when you are not organized on your expense reports. No matter how many shoeboxes you maintain, its time consuming to maintain & track them.Introducing TaxSaver USA to help organize your expenses, mileage and time with ease. Oscar the Owl can be your trusted companion in saving your data on cloud and provide you wherever (mobile / web / tablet) and whenever you need.


BVBI Infotech Contributed To End To End Software Development. Some Of The Key Highlights About The Solution
  • Cloud Based Solution With SAAS Approach : The solution works for Business Owners, Corporates and Individuals. Data separated logically for different types of users on the cloud
  • Native iOS Mobile Apps : iPhone and IPad Apps built using iOS SDK
  • Native Android Mobile Apps : Smart Phone and Tablet Apps using Android SDK
  • Offline Engine : Users will be able use features like Expense, Mileage and Time even without Network connection available. The solution uses BVBI Offline Engine framework

Amazon EC2 Deployment : Deployed along Enterprise standard
  • Solution is configured with  Load Balancers, Apache Web Server, JBoss Application server , RDS with Multi A-Z
  • Solution has Enterprise deployment considering High availability, Scalability ,  Security (SSL) , Firewall with ability to serve Hundreds of Concurrent users
  • Solution is scalable to support thousands of users by adding additional infrastructure (like Apache Web server, JBoss Server and configuring with respective Load Balancers)

Payment Gateway Integration
  • Integrated with Heartland Payment gateway
  • High security enabled with Multiple Hashing techniques and RSA
  • Schedulers to handle recurring payments

Tax Saver features salient points
  • Upload Receipt images while logging in Expenses from Mobile Apps
  • Mobile GPS capability to record Miles while on move
  • The Mileage recorded after long runs around 1 to 2 days continuously or with interrupted mode or sleep mode is accurate (99.99%)
  • Reports can be downloaded as Excel in Mobile Apps. Advanced search and filtering capability available
  • Schedulers enabled to handle recurring payments of customers
  • Solution enables Corporates to define employees, and employees will be able to use Mobile Apps to use features

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