Sales and Marketing For Chit Funds / Micro Finance

Mobile Solution integrated with Custom ERP. The solution has Mobile Applications on Android Tablet , iPad suitable for Chit Fund Companies , Micro Finance Companies, Pygmie Collection , Jewelry Stores.Custom ERP helps Businesses to define Employees; Role based access with Multi Branch Operations. The ERP facilitates definition of Schemes in a generic manner, Reports of Sales Person Collections and New Customer Enrollment 

The Sales People Mobile Application on Tablet or iPad app integrated with Custom ERP can be used to enroll new Customers, Collect Payments from Customers for Company Schemes.  The Sales Person Mobile Application can be used to generate Instant receipt to the customer on a Bluetooth printer. The owner or the manager of the company can use Web Application Interface to generate Excel Reports and PDF Reports and know the collection amount by salesperson. Customer feels secure that payment is registered in the system, and owners come to know how much amount is collected from Customer and Sales Person.

The Sales People based Enterprise Mobile Solution is much secured. Owner or Management can block Sales Person Tablet Access to the system using Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the Tablet can be reset or wiped out from remote server

Company Management can collaborate with Sales People by viewing the Sales People on a Map. The owners can use Resource Tracking feature to analyze the performance of the Sales People across the organization

The best part is Owner or Management can track all your sales person on your device which reduces the biggest risk involved in collecting payments

Salient Features of  the Platform

  • Sales Person Login
  • Customer Registration
  • Enrollment of Customer to Schemes
  • Collect Payments from customers
  • Generate Receipt and take printout through Bluetooth printer
  • Daily Collection Report
  • New Customer Enrollment Report

  • Customer Login
  • Chit Details
  • Creating Receipt
  • Digital Payment
  • Report Generation
  • Referral
  • Notification

  • Role Based Access
  • Employee Management
  • Device Provisioning
  • Resource Tracking Settings
  • Company Branch Management
  • Scheme Definition
  • Customer Enrollments and Collection Information
  • Reports of Sales People and New Customer Collection

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