Sales and Marketing For Distribution Businesses(FMCG, Pharma, Facility Management Services)

This Product is a Enterprise Mobile Solution integrated with Custom ERP and Mobile Applications on Android Tablet and Ipad . This solution is suitable for FMCG companies , Pharma distributors and in general any Distribution business with Whole Sale – Retail relationship. This solution helps FMCG companies to improve their Productivity and Accountability of Sales People. It also helps FMCG owners to know about their product sales and demand and eventually plan for the production.

Custom ERP helps Manufacturers or Regional FMCG companies to define Employees; Role based access with handling of multiple Distributors. The ERP facilitates definition of Products, allows raising Purchase Orders, Loading Orders, Delivery Challan, Invoices. The ERP provides Excel reports for Executives which helps to analyse Sales People Performance, Plan for production, Delivery, Procurement of raw materials in a generic manner, Reports of Sales Person Collections and New Customer Enrollment

The Sales Person Mobile Application on Tablet or iPad, app integrated with Custom ERP, can be used to enroll new Customer and Collect Payments from Customers. This Mobile Application can be used to generate Instant receipt to the customer on a Bluetooth printer. A Sales Person can view the list of Customers to be interacted on a particular day and get route map guidance to reach them. The Sales Person will not be able to generate Quotation or Invoice Order unless he reaches the Customer Address. Any movement of the Sales Person outside his area of operations would be shown as violation of the Sales Management team. The Sales Person can generate reports on Excel sheet and view his collections and pending payments. The owner or the manager of the company can use Web Application Interface to generate Excel Reports which gives business information about Distributors, Retailers, Regional Manager, Area Managers and Sales Persons .The Customer feels secure that payment received by them from the customers is registered in the system and owners are informed about this.

The Sales Person based Enterprise Mobile Solution is much secured. Owner or Management can block Sales Person Tablet Access to the system using Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the Tablet can be reset or wiped out from remote server.

Company Management can collaborate with Sales People by viewing them on a Map. The owners can use Resource Tracking feature to analyze the performance of the Sales People across the organization.

Salient Features of  the Platform

Customer ERP
  • Role Based Access
  • Employee Management
  • Manufacturer Product management
  • Device Provisioning
  • Resource Tracking Settings
  • Distributor Management
  • Distributor Product Management with Margins
  • Distributor Purchase Order
  • Loading Forms, Delivery Challan

  • Distributor Invoices
  • Loading Forms, Delivery Challan
  • Distributor Invoices
  • Retailer Management by Distributors
  • Retailer Quotations and Invoices
  • Reports for Distributor – Retailer related Quotations, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel
  • Reports for Manufacturer – Distributor related Purchase Orders, Delivery Challans, Invoices, and Payments with User friendly filtering and sorting criteria. Reports are downloadable in Excel

  • Sales Person Login
  • Customer Registration
  • Route map of the customers to be met by the sales person on any particular day
  • Enrollment of Retailer Customer
  • Collect Payments from Retailers and issue Receipts on Bluetooth printer
  • Resource Tracking Feature on Tablet for Manager Login

  • Customer Login
  • Chit Details
  • Creating Receipt
  • Digital Payment
  • Report Generation
  • Referral and Notification

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