Mobile Apps for Retail Sales (In-Store)

This Enterprise Mobile solution is a combination of Mobile Applications on iPad and Android Tablet integrated with Custom ERP. The solution can also be customized to work with commonly used ERP like SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite. The solution is suitable for Retail businesses like Jewelers, Branded Gifting Stores, and Chain of Textile Stores.The retail businesses can enhance Customer Experience by multi fold using this solution. The Retail Businesses can showcase products to customers in a User Friendly way.  The Retail business gain improved productivity as there is no need to remove the products unless , avoid theft or damage as the products.

  • The Customers can virtually try the products on their profile picture or by taking a picture on Mobile.  These products are the ones that could in the store, or in other branches. Customers literally get a feel on how the product would look on the customer
  • The Customers can focus the Tablet or iPad on the product or product picture and get to know more information. This is implemented using Innovative Concept called Augmented Reality
  • The Customer can make the payments using Mobile Phone by handshake of their mobile with payment related hardware. The hardware detects relevant Customer Payment information, and payment process is completed. This is done using concept called Near Field Communication

Salient Features

Web Application
  • Manage Categories for products
  • Manage Sub-Categories for Products
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Customer Quotes / Orders
  • Manage Employees, Roles
  • Customer and Sales People Reports

Android Tablet and iPad Application
  • Sales Person Login
  • Product Gallery – Filtering by Category / Sub-Category
  • Try Product on Customer picture
  • Focus Tablet or iPad on product  logo to know more information about the product
  • Add products to Cart
  • Enroll new customers
  • View Shopping cart
  • Make Payments

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