Performance Testing

The success of the UI of a mobile app relies on its visually appealing design, but not at the cost of performance issues like excessive loading time, instability and over consumption of the mobile’s power or data plan.

quality assurance

At BvbiInfotech, we follow and implement internationally proven testing methodologies to ensure the highest possible quality of our products and consulting services. Our expertise includes in both Manual and Automated testing of Regression Test suites using Open Source Tools.

We follow a holistic Validation & Verification lifecycle that focuses on helping customers achieve maximum productivity and cost savings.

With an exponential increase in the use and Adoption of mobile devices among general users and commercial enterprises, Mobility Testing has become an integral part of software testing. The release of iOS and Android platforms have revolutionized mobile world by giving rise to a new dimension of user experience with software applications. Today, mobile device manufacturers are in a constant race with their competitors to innovate newer smart devices like IOT and wearable devices. In order to keep pace with the changes in mobile technology, BVBI uses innovative testing methodologies and best practices to ensure quality of mobile applications in a quick and efficient manner.

User Interface Testing

BVBI offers an overall mobile usability testing that involves testing of all the elements of UI including colorthemes, navigation styles, testing behavior in different device positions and network types, UI based performance testing and user experience testing.

Functional Testing

Smart phone apps are meant for usage on the move, with fascinating features like location tracking, gesture recognition, gyroscope, accelerometer and other integrated features. Our team is mindful of these features that are specific to smart phones, while designing the UI testing.

Apart from ensuring the basic functionality of the apps, we also ensure UI level quality aspects like

  • App’s behavior when supporting network types like 2G,3G, Wi-Fi are interchanged
  • App’s response after an interruption like incoming call or SMS
  • Screen size compatibility

User Experience Testing

The user’s expectations from a mobile app are far different than that from web or desktop apps. The key differentiators are a greater level of creativity and intuitiveness in the design, speed, compactness, efficient use of device resources and social sharing capabilities.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the user and test the apps from their perspective. To ensure a pleasant user experience, we put the apps to stringent testing for

  • Clarity of inputs and easy navigation flow
  • Better interaction elements like obvious gestures for input and navigation
  • Alternate interaction ways for touch gestures
  • Efficient placement of design elements on the screen

Device Coverage Testing

By the time a mobile app traverses from design stage to launch stage, a new version of OS and few new devices will have been released in the market. With such a fast track of advancements in the mobile hardware and software arena, device compatibility of apps should be the primary focus of mobile testing.

We obtain the most popular devices and perform device-based and mobile cloud testing of apps.Our device coverage test plan is customized based on the devices and operating systems most used by the target users. We suggest optimal devices for a maximum coverage.

App Store Approval Testing

BVBI is familiar with the guidelines provided by app stores. We ensure that the mobile apps abide by these guidelines and are easily approved by stores for quick approval. We significantly reduce time to market of new apps and upgrades of existing apps

Functional Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing using proven Open Source Tools for Web and Mobile.

Non Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing


Bvbi has a good expertise and experience in Testing Enterprise Web and Mobile Solutions (Android and IOS) usingproven Industry Open source Tools and Test Design principles.

Some of the Tools expertise includes

  • Selenium WebDriver for Web Automation using Page Object Test Design Principles.
  • Mobile Automation: We also have expertise in automating Native and Cross Platform Mobile Applications for both Android and IOS using Robotium, Monkey Talk and Appium.

Some of the salient features of “Appium” – is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, FirefoxOS).

Importantly Appium is “Cross Platform” i.e. it allows to write Tests against Multiple Platforms (Android, IOS) using the same API. This helps is code reuse between Android and IOS Platforms Test Suites.

  • Non Functional Testing (Performance):Apache JMeter for Performance Testing for Web, API’s {SOAP and REST Based} and DB.

Testing Expertise
  • We have a Rich Industry expertise in testing Enterprise Web and Mobile Applications.
  • Our expertise spawns both Functional and Non Functional Testing.
  • Test Automation for Enterprise Web and Mobile platforms.

STLC Stage
  1 Requirements Phase Understanding the Product requirements. Participating in Architectural Meetings for understanding of System design
2 Test Planning/Strategy
  • Test Effort Estimation.
  • Test Strategy.
  •  Identification of Automation Tools for Functional test automation.
  •  Non Functional Testing Areas like {Performance, Stress and Vulnerability testing} are analyzed and defined in this phase.
  • Test Environment Capacity planning.
  • Identification of the Risks.
3 Test Environment Set Up Working towards Installation of the necessary soft wares and dependencies.
4 Test Designing and Development
  • Designing and development of Automation Frameworks.
  • In this phase various black-box and White-Box Testing design Techniques are used for arriving at the Test cases.
  • Manual Test Case Preparation.
  • Development of Automation Test Scripts.
  • WebServices/API Test Script preparation.
  • Review of test cases with appropriate stake holders and Incorporation of review comments.
  • Development of Performance Scripts.
  • BVT/Smokes Tests Categorization.
5 Functional Testing Functional test Phase
6 Regression Testing Regression Test Phase –Automated/Regression Test Execution.
7 Performance Testing Performance testing phase – Execution of Performance Scripts
8 Vulnerability/Security Testing Security Testing – Application Security Testing Using tools ‘AppScan’.
9 UAT Phase Supporting the UAT Team.
10 Production Release Production Release Support.
11 Quality Metrics
  • QE Defects
  • UAT Defects
  • Post Production Defects Total No of Builds – ( Total No of builds having blocker defects)

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