Mobile Apps Offline Engine

In today’s world, enterprises are providing Mobile Applications to Sales People, Employees , Executives which in turn helps to improve productivity, improve ROI and enhance collaboration.The very context of Mobile applications used by Sales People and Business Executives gives need to an important requirement “Mobile Applications working when not connected to Network”.BVBI has come up with an engine that enables business Users to access Mobile Applications while not connected to network.BVBI Offline Engine enables Enterprises to Synchronize important data from Server (Enterprise Server or Cloud based Server) to Mobile Applications

Our Engine supports Mobile Applications in Android / iOS

Imagine a business user on travel and there are good chances that network connection drops and comes back,  or in some places there is no network  . Business user will be eager to use Mobile Apps even when there is no network to continue with his business needs – like  enrolling Customer, generating Quotation , logging a Expense and many other scenarios.  With BVBI Offline engine, business users can View or Update or Create Information based on the need in Mobile even when they are not connected to network

BVBI engine has the ability to sync data from Server to Mobile Apps in smaller chunks to reduce overall Synchronization Time

BVBI Offline engine is implemented in solutions related to SBPI (Bhagyalakshmi Group of Industries) and Tax Saver Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Offline Features Implemented In SBPI Enterprise Mobile Solution
  • Client Management – Sales Person can enrol a customer or update a customer in offline mode
  • View Category Information
  • View Product Catalogue and Product Details
  • Manage Quotations  – Sales Person can create a quotation for the customer while not connected to network

Offline Features Implemented In Tax Saver Enterprise Mobile Solution
  • Expense Management
  • Mileage Management
  • Activity / Task Management

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